The Twisted Body: Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele, he's definitely one of my favourite artist from the early 20th century. The intensity in his work is unbearable. His use of expressive, mostly pale, colours and yet followed by the stroke of outing black lines, made his painting and drawings unique and different, its almost like he could see through the skins and veins of his models while he was drawing them. And what i like the most about them is the many twisted body shapes that he exhibited through most of his artworks (and many self-portraits).

At present, I am mainly observing the physical motion of mountains, water, trees and flowers. One is everywhere reminded of similar movements in the human body, of similar impulses of joy and suffering in plants. 
-Egon Schiele-


  1. I too am quite taken with egon schieles work. great post :)

  2. Schiele is the best!
    nice blog!

  3. Egon Schiele is powerful. Beautiful post!