The Pretender

Everytime they see a mirror
they always look at themselves
and ask themselves
"what am i doing?"
"why should i always pretend to be someone that i'm certainly not"
they, themselves don't know the answer
cause they're trapped in a situation, in which they cannot run from
cannot be solved

"who is that person, who stands in front of me?"
"as my reflection"
they know deep down that they're not that person
but their surrounding force them to
or perhaps they chose to be a pretender
in order to be accepted
to blend in

but is that right?
aren't we all suppose to be our own selves
and not to pretend to be someone that we are not?

and what if they'll lose everything
if they chose not to be a pretender?


Hatred For A Hypocrite

Mirrors are what you need,
what you need, to see what you have actually done
what you need, to exactly understand which type of a hypocrite are you

Your mind is too small,
too small, to think about what you have caused others
too small, to be used, to select your words
too small, compared to your big-bossy mouth

Your a heartless little creature
a heartless little creature, who's too arrogant to learn
too arrogant to mind your surroundings
too arrogant to place yourself in others' position
too arrogant to realized your hypocritical mind
and too heartless to have even care

cause what you are
what you are, is a miserable creatures
who won't look back
look back, and review..
review your evilness
review your meaningless life

cause what you are
what you are
is only a Hypocrite