Sketches: Phobia

Just some sketches that i done recently

.Somebody That I Used To Know.

One of the best and most artistic and meaningful video i have ever watched in my life.
With an amazing song by an amazing artist, it just couldn't have been any better.


Basic Space

 [ The XX - Basic Space ]
Thank you to my new interesting friend who introduced me to this amazing band.



A Perfect Ending To A Great Story

"Life is like walking in the rain. You can hide and take cover
or you can just get wet."

Despite the fact that this movie has a very dark storyline, it definitely has one of the best ending ever
and with such great actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Natalie Portman, and Devin Brochu (who definitely is a young talent to be watched), its just couldn't have got any better.



"Dad, Who'd you save first in a house fire given the hypothetical situations that both mom and i were equally difficult to save..?" 

"Dear Mr Davey,
Please would Oliver be excused
from class. His tiny heart is 

Yours sincerely,
Lloyd Tate."

I was so excited to finally got to watch this movie.. its crazy GOOD..!!!

[ These photos are screen shots that i took during the film ]


Need for Suggestions

so umm i haven't done any portraits (realism drawings) for awhile (quite long already) and kinda miss it now.. so i was thinking to do one or some soon, just for fun, i have now two person (or 2 pictures) in mind, Keira Knightley or Henry Cavill, or perhaps any other suggestions..?
It can be anybody you want, from actors to famous designers, or perhaps you..!
comment below or give me a link to a picture you want me to draw..
if i find your picture to be intriguing and challenging i'll definitely do it

and yea.. don't forget to check in "My Artwork" page here, to see my old artworks
looking forward to your suggestions


Arousing Hair

I find that hair to be really funny somewhat.

[ Source: Jak & Jil Blog ]

Mrs. Fathzani

I just feel like sharing this photo. i cut her hair the day before this photo was taken, cause she was too bored with her pretty long hair, so we did something quite extreme. To be honest i was quite nervous when i was cutting her hair. Well, she was obviously not the first girl that got her hair done by me, but still it was quite challenging, or maybe i was just intimidated by the fact that her husband was in the room with us and he was kinda like staring at what i was doing to his spouse's hair. yea.. hmm.

[ shot by Me ]

Twining Spine

so, i was trying to type some nice words to describe how did i get the inspirations for these shots, but it keeps sounding dumb and stupid, 
the point is that these shots are inspired by Egon Schiele's paintings.

[ shot by myself ]