i changed my number today..

so, yea.. its obviously my getting-one-year-older day..
which, to be really honest, i don't really like, cause i wanna stay young forever

so yea.. happy birthday to me

"Forget your troubles, C'mon get happy You better chase all your cares away cause happy days are here again"

"i can't really sing, i have to sing goofy in order to sing, 
like i have to sing stoopid, okay..?"

and umm.. i took a really long shower today, i spent like almost an hour in there.. (i know.. i know.. u don't even have to say it).
but it was not because that i was really really dirty or anything..
it because that
i just realized something so amazing that i actually have known before.. i guess i just haven't really paid much attention to it before
so it was this sound of each drop of water that fell to the skin of your head, and flowed down and deafened your ear, and i find that these "deafening-sound" of water covering your ear is really really beautiful and its so inspiring..
it's a just so beautiful..
its almost like you can taste the sound
just wordless to describe

now i'm  just gonna go and enjoy this 1st of May....!!!

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