Old Man and Death

so, i'm kinda new at this blogy-thingy. This is actually my first one. Well, the reason i made this, is because that i have to many things that i want to share with someone, but i just don't know how to express them through words in a conversations, and i think i'm better at writing the words down.
and it keeps me from going crazy, cause i sometimes like to talk to myself about what i have in mind, rather than talking about it with someone.
its just my thing anyway..
so, my very first theme would be "Old Man & Death"
this idea just came across my mind while i was watching across my window and saw an old man, who is for some reasons living in a nursing home for elderly people, he was opening his window and handing his fingers out, it was raining, he tried to taste each drop of the rainfall with his wrinkled-fingers.
and then he stared at the sky for a long brief moment.
it suddenly got me thinking, of how would it felt like, to live as an old man, i always wonder in fact, would i even be able to reach that phase of life.
The phase of life in which you might or might not have reached all your goals.
The phase in which you might have realized everything about your life
The phase of an "End"

and where would you go after that..?
after this very phase?
is it going to be the "Death Phase", the phase that scared the hell out of some people, when they think about it.
i don't really know the answer to this question, cause its not like i'm a very religious person (cause im obviously not).
Its just very interesting to me, of how would people spend their times, when they reached this phase of their lives.
so, if you guys have any comment please tell me.

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